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Optimism is a funny feeling
A funny way of saying you'll be left reeling
at the marvel of it all,
in the grand scheme of it, everything big or small
It's a coded message, a headache at first
but after realizing it could be worse
Often times the sky clears itself
just a little, to show you the blue and grey shelf
A reminder of how high you can climb
when you understand the power of your mind

Often times this magic gets overlooked
a boring cover adorning a beautiful book
There's nothing I can do or say to influence
nothing I can choose that wasn't ambiguous
I guess all this searching of myself
led to a discovery of better health
As hard as it is to think that it's just a glossing
distracting me from the storm thats costing me
Better not to introspect beyond visible sight though
lest you find something that might bring you back below
Just a little poem I wrote. Nothing too special, I just wanted to write something
rememberingthelights Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012
I like the first stanza more than the second. The second isn't far enough away from cliche. It's not bad though.
I like the line about the blue and grey shelf a lot(:
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May 31, 2012
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