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Deeply Out
It's been so long since I've written a song
Years have come and gone
I'm all worked up with the pent up
thoughts and feelings that at every turn
I could've done something differently
The branches of choices and voices
Telling me to fork right when I chose left
Nothing but unheard voices
Poking and prodding and pulling me back
Telling me that I should be on the attack
I'm all out of sorts
And I'm trying, to pack it in
And I'm all out of sorts
I'm playing, my cards to win
I'm trying to get back to the basics
Trying to break this mold
I settled in myself a way
That I can't live with myself
Back to a time that's come and gone
A time that flowed and ebbed away from me
It endowed and personified a special
Powerful ability and time stopping existential
I'm all out of sorts
And I'm trying, to back it up
And I'm all out of sorts
I'm biding, my time to win
I'm all out of sorts
And I'm pushing, for ambition
And I'm all out of line
I'm stepping up to you
I feel that I've proven myself
But In a dif
:iconchurch38:Church38 2 0
This is What Happens When You Think
I've been told so many times
I'll never forget you
By now I can't help but think
You've all forgotten
I've been given up on
Told I'm wasting something
Throwing away a rich lie
You were all thinking I should come around
Extrapolation of your man that was
My title, does it ring
Do my eyes still speak to you
Do my arms stil carry you
Miles that seperate oceans
those that ease thoughts
those that make us as we are not
We could close our eyes
and move away together
and tell the world together
we've rejected them
Do you still have the music in your head
That won't let you think
or sleep or love without
Falling in love with love but not with me
:iconchurch38:Church38 1 0
Feel the waves, they rush, they break
A resevoir they make
Riding high with sun in our eyes
We were fearless
Another day we'd laugh and say
These are the days we own
Let me catch my breath
And see you here
It's all I can do to keep this fresh
Without more time
We'll surely drown
Gone into memory forever
A house of cards to build, to grow
to watch them fall
Climbing tall, the light gets brighter
the fall gets higher
Lock it into place, by your sweet grace
We'll never leave this place
A view to share
A life to care
Let me catch my breath
And see you here
It's all I can do to keep this fresh
Without more time
We'll surely drown
Gone into memory forever
Lose the feeling and the thought
Leaving whether you're ready or not
:iconchurch38:Church38 5 2
Who Am I
Lonely is a color
That I see in your eyes
In my reflection
I'd drop it all to feel
Feel your skin and then
Tell you you love me still
It's a race between us baby
Who can finish last and maybe
I'll cave, put your number in
You're a speeding car
Off a cliff of hearts
And I know who I am
With or without you
With or without you
I know who I am
I can see just a little
Still feels like blind progress
Towards the light
My heart is beating strong
And I'm marching to it's beat
Straight to you
Ask another favor
I'm on my best behavior
Don't you see
You're a deadly rip current
A pull that is worth it
And I know who I am
With or without you
With or without you
I know who I am
With or without you
Lonely is a color
It's painted on my sleeve
You're wearing my shirt
And it's down to your knees
:iconchurch38:Church38 3 0
The sky looks almost blue
Underneath these clouds it's night
Up again, it's too late to sleep
So again I've been up all week
Waiting for the streetlights
At least there's windows over here
I'm alone but I'm not far
A puzzle that's all put together
I'm loose but I'm still tethered
Illuminated by this star
There's a wave that pushes and pulls
A force that gives and takes
See the door, shut it and lock it
See the wall with hands in my pockets
The current trembles and shakes
Breathe of fresh air whenever
I see the light just out of reach
I'd write a book if I could read
I'd tell a story if I believed
Like a cold kiss upon your cheek
I see vibrations being sent
Tonight feels just a little alive
Would you pick up the phone if I rang
Would you give me your hand if I sang
I know I have to visualize
Crumpled up papers in the corner
Scattered around my thoughts
I've got time to figure it out
I've got things to write about
Before I lose my shot
:iconchurch38:Church38 5 3
Happy Rain
Now I've found the calming breeze
Walking out to watch the lightning
Rain is trying to freeze
You've got my full attention
and my curiosity is piqued
I'm just Looking for some tension
The sound, the vibration
What a shock, What a bomb
The sound, the vibration
What lock on me, What I've found in me
Shuttered the windows at first
But tore them down in case
You missed this blessing of a curse  
I can't speak what I want to speak
You looked and saw a beast
And proceeded to look and sing
The sound, the vibration
What a shock, What a bomb
The sound, the vibration,
What a lock on me, What I've found in me
The sound, the devastation
The lock and key, they're wrong
The sound, the inspiration
The words, the heavy notes they sing
Don't tell me you never bought in
I saw you checking out
Don't say you want a part of it
If you can't figure me out
Don't apologize for your killer eyes
They draw me in like the sun
Don't fake a laugh or skip my track
This is all that I have to give
The sound, the v
:iconchurch38:Church38 3 0
Oh Well, She Said
Another one to the next one
Another blink of the eye
Silver lines beware
She's an earthquake running
Out of control, Into your head
She climbed my mountain
And jumped off the top
She landed right where
You told her to stop
It's a joke that just won't quit
This wish of mine
I don't think you're ready to look out
a window all fogged up
You're on a train doesn't stop
Until you stop this lieing
A ripple in the water from
the rock I threw to you
But I missed and made a wave
Oh well, she said, oh well
Underneath it all I see
What you failed to hide
Top to bottom falling out
This vision is all mine
But I still hear you
Saying that I'm so blind to you
Don't look back while I leave
she said when she was gone
I didn't mean to leave so quick
As I just saw you run
You're not ready to look out
a window that is all fogged up
You're on a train doesn't stop
Until you stop lieing
A ripple in the water from
The rock I threw to you
But I missed and made a wave
Oh well, she said, oh well
oh well, she said
:iconchurch38:Church38 1 0
Don't go that way
You left me high and dry
Don’t say that name
Make it real and I
Just lay your head
Down so sweet
Just spend the night
We don't have anywhere to be
I heard you walking
Up to my door
I looked over to my right
The alarm killed me
Stay with me
It sounds so right
Don’t ever leave me be
Like its our last night
I saw you say those words
but you were silent
Not sure which feels worse
but you’re trying
Be strong for me
When I am weak
Be bright for me
When I am dark
I heard you walking
Up to my door
I looked up
And you were gone
:iconchurch38:Church38 1 0
For One Day
I'm writing you from the weight on my shoulders
To your smeared makeup that rolls
Wishing I was just a little bolder,
but I'll sing from a distance
Why won't you just talk me down and into
Who I am or who am I to you
No one gave their time to learning me well
That's why, you see this is giving me hell
One day you'll get this letter
You realize you don't know whether
The grass is greener where you stand, the sky clearer... Or the path you came in on and the clouds behind you
This letter is sealed for one day
For one day that you need a heart
A day apart that you cried and fought for me
For one day I'll be gone
A ghost between your fingers when you grab out
The wet on your cheek that follows your tear
I breathe you in like smoke and yesterdays
Everything you do makes me want to be more like you
A role model to a model of what not to do
Exhale what's left of our memories
People can change and so can tunes
Your so much like your family I wish you knew
The lengths I'd go to not lose you aga
:iconchurch38:Church38 1 2
Cigarettes And Soap
Cigarettes and Soap in the air that clouds the daily vision
Tells a story about a girl thats trapped in the world she lives in
Say it again the lungs I'm in, It's just a Tuesday morning
Failing out and falling in to dark familiar vices
Light another dream they're drifting ever so enticing
What would you do if you fell into and there's no one there to help you
Listen to the birds outside they sing of expectations
A prisoner of this life defying spinning earth's rotation
Passing shadows reach out to her and whisper retaliation
Against a sea of self regret and weakening imagination
Look to the one who gave you none just don't look in the mirrror
Empty the bottle and drain the hope that kept you so long floating
Black out the sun and pull down the clouds that seem forboding
If I'm the poison I'll use my voice and warn yourself of me
Listen to the birds outside they sing of new beginnings
A prisoner of the life inspiring spinning earth's rotation
Dream a dream you'll finally wake up
Mend a
:iconchurch38:Church38 8 2
Cut it
Every day I try to cut the ties
Every night I fall deeper than before
These strings tight on my heart and head
Mornings are darker than I've ever known
A mold you cast I fit right in
The movie watched is us again
Where did it all start
How does it all end
Say it loud, straight to me like you don't care
To the point, cut it deep cause it's not fair
Falling away
And drifting back in
When I'm silent my hands are so loud
When you're gone my thoughts are just so
Until another replaces one other
And I'm out of this debt to your eyes
The smile you show Inside
Open your book like mine
When did we meet
When do we say goodbye
Say it loud, straight to me like you don't care
To the point, cut it deep cause it's not fair
Falling away from you
And drifting back into this
:iconchurch38:Church38 3 1
Raise a Glass And More
A new flag snaps on this heart
A mind clear and clean
A highway never attempted
A smile you can have for free
Girl says to boy I'm not so sure
It's a sunrise I've never seen
But raise your glass to peace at last
Here's my toast to you and me
Heres to new road ahead and stones unturned
Heres to a life unknown and fuel to burn
Wherever I go today, I won't stray far from home
Tomorrow I'll be gone, but there all the same
Around the sun we go yet again
Around the block another run
Around this time of every year
Is about the time I start to come undone
I said no, as I thought out loud
Not this time I'm better than this
Raise the bar until it's gone too far
Here's a year of you that I'm gonna miss
Heres to new road ahead and stones unturned
Heres to a life unknown and fuel to burn
The drinks I'll drink, the smoke I'll smoke
It's wildfire burning, destroying for you
But by the time that I find I out what I want
I can only hope that it's the same thing you want
Cause I'm only as human as these
:iconchurch38:Church38 1 1
Red Light
I always fear the worst
Nothing left to do but worry
or so it seems
What's important to me
Slips away so slowly
Or is it just me
Look the other way again
Tell me it's not me again
I know the drill
The way she's pulling on these heartstrings of mine
I haven't slept for nights
The questions floating throughout the night
Make me wonder what's right
This cage that holds the beats
Breaks down so quickly
Losing the light
Don't look in the mirror
You're holding a ghost
Did it ever live
Look the other way again
Tell me it's not me again
Lets play this game
The way she's pulling on these heartstrings of mine
I haven't slept for nights
The questions floating throughout the night
Make me wonder what's right
It feels like I just woke up from a dream
But there you are still next to me
There you are, still staring at me
And I see myself looking back at you
Why won't you just take my hand so tight
Let's end this perfect for more than a night
The way she's pulling on these heartstrings of mine
I haven
:iconchurch38:Church38 3 0
Fire and Thunder
Theres a lonely wind blowing
It reaches from me to you
To stop this fire growing
You'd have to to tell me true
Should the sky
Be filled with thunder
On a lonely night
Far from you
You know I'd die
Before I surrender
I just got to be close to you
Am I missing out
Or just picking my battles
I can't see who you're seeing
But I'd be willling to gammble
You're a star love
Marking my night sky
Stars with you above
Lie dimmer to the side
Through the fiery buzz
I have to shield my eyes
Will it be enough
Will I know that you are mine
Should the sky
Be filled with thunder
On a lonely night
Far from you
You know I'd die
Before I surrender
I just got to be close to you
:iconchurch38:Church38 3 0
I'm grabbing at a wisp of smoke
Ever the same muscle memory
Unless you otherwise tell me
I'll be here still about to choke
I'm hanging by a thread of rope
Anyway its imaginary
As easy to hold as is to marry
Thick the lines I fell and wrote
Never was never has been
Deep breathe while I count to ten
I'm a joke in this story
No one ever thought to warn me
Elusive eluding my attention
Always a cold half to my bed
These dark hands dragging until the end
I never had an intention
You've got me caught in suspension
It's a blinding fog in my head
I don't see color don't see red
Where has common sense been
Never was never has been
Deep breathe while I count to ten
I'm a joke in this story
No one ever thought to warn me
All the promises never sang
Forgive but don't forget the pain
Never one to make a scene
I'm all alone on this team
Write a page write a book
Never thought it'd hurt to look
At your eyes how they shine
How they're worth every rhyme
:iconchurch38:Church38 2 0
Why Do I Miss You
I'm laying here in my bed
Thoughts of you until I'm dead
It seems time is bad at forgiving
All the laughs and all the tears
I remember the days of every year
Am I unable or just unwilling
The dreams fly by like racecars
I've come so close yet so far
It seems I'm forced into participating
Maybe its because I burnt the bridge
Or acted like a spoiled kid
Or maybe, just maybe I wasn't ready
I thought that false, I started a war
I can't remember what I fought for
Thrown away was the steady
So here I am tearing apart
We're so much worse off apart
Was I expecting a party or confetti
So please, don't forget me
Don't forget the subtleties
Or how you made a man of me
So please, don't erase me
Don't erase the gift we gave each other
The world was against us, all we had was one another
These words aren't helping
Oh it seems so tempting
They're just pulling me further in
How did I sink so low and dark
Remember we watched stars in the park
I'm drowning in my own sin
If I was a wise man I'd be a fool
:iconchurch38:Church38 3 5


Pink IV by Tamas-Kakyou Pink IV :icontamas-kakyou:Tamas-Kakyou 131 38
These Words Aren't Pretty
These Words Aren't Pretty:
My verses are ugly and I admit to the fact
I can't use pretty language when I'm working with rap
Because the things that I write, are just the things that I feel
I ain't an Edgar Allan Poe or a Danielle Steel
And I'll be honest with you, I've got an envy inside
Because some poets got a flow that's as smooth as the tide
I read some stuff that they write, it's just so dope I ignite
Burning shame and my anger at the beautiful sight
And like birds of a feather, they're flocking together
These poets are the Gods and I'm nailed by the weather
But as the rain pours down, lightning resound;
I try to write pretty words but my lips remain bound
So deeply silenced by fear - the darkness I hear,
Afraid to be unloved by the ones I hold dear
I've hit the limit of time; my lyrical crime
These words that I've lived are just turning to grime.
So I wish I had their talent; just a sliver of that
If their skill was a mountain then I've broken my back
It's like t
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 923 112
Selfish Wish to Be Loved
Why, why would I always ask me,
To end up with this last plea,
Isn't there somewhere I belong,
Singing a melodic life's sad song,
A desire so sweet,
But it still yet to be complete,
My selfish wish to love and be love,
My mind in the air so high above,
Hot tears burn for release,
All this selfish pain and suffering please cease,
I want to hate everyone and everything just for my selfish want and yearn for,
All these feelings of anger ready to roar,
What am I?
Who am I?
Where am I?
Tell me my tru self,
I can't even tell my true meanings of myself,
Confusing and diluting,
I'm sick of the never won game,
Who feels the urge? Who feels the same?
Dark accusing thoughts sear at my brain,
Who am I? Really quite lame,
Boring and plain.
Quite a normal Jane.
I despise who I am inside and out,
Curling in a corner like spider legs and pathetically pout,
I am a shame, a disgrace,
Horrible clothing over my own idiot race,
Hate me, I care, but I lie that I don't,
Tell how I truly feel, I wouldn't dare
:iconoverthrowthekings:OverthrowTheKings 6 4
Subconscious Leela by ChurroTheKidRS Subconscious Leela :iconchurrothekidrs:ChurroTheKidRS 4 1 Should I put Mature Filter on? by FNAFgamergurl11 Should I put Mature Filter on? :iconfnafgamergurl11:FNAFgamergurl11 1 0 Palpacat by Irbisty Palpacat :iconirbisty:Irbisty 41 2 Monster Out of the Woods by sinakasra Monster Out of the Woods :iconsinakasra:sinakasra 1,353 50
Christmas Dreams!
Hello All,
It's been a little while...and since the world is getting ready early to celebrate...lets "Jump start" Christmas with a early Christmas Contest...because let's be honest,  sometimes we need something to celebrate!
The Christmas Dreams Contest!
               "Maybe one day we will find the place that our dreams and reality collide"
It Must be a New Piece and Submitted to Deviant Art on or after the 10th of November 2015 and it definitely must Feature A Christmas Dream theme... that's all there is to it.
:bulletblue: Particpate & Create and most important have fun:bulletblue:
Start date is the 10/11/2015 (10th of November 2015)
End date is the 15/12/2015 (15th of December 2015)
:icondigital-art-fantasy:Digital-Art-Fantasy 23 49
Gwendolyn by MegSyv Gwendolyn :iconmegsyv:MegSyv 100 23
In The Storm
Sky grows dark
Clouds condense
Still air charged
Deep breath
Dense air
Filling my soul
Flashes ignite
Lines drawn
But for an instant
Blinded for this moment
Pupils dilate
Eyes narrow
Raindrops fall
I have waited
Far too long for you
I Look up
Teasing playfully
Give me your worst
I whisper to the clouds
Lightning splits
Aged oak
Ever so close
I feel the force
Hair standing on edge
Rain pelting in punishment
I raise my arms
Palms touch above my head
As I slowly lower them
To my heart
And I know
Beyond any doubt
There is nothing more
I close my eyes
Become one with
The fury
The force
There is nothing else
Just this storm
:iconilonewolf:iLonewolf 3 0
Deep In Thought
Deep in thought
I let the world
Take care of itself
I check analysis
At the door
Leave judgement
Right and wrong
Have no place
Deep in thought
I let it all go
And the world
Takes care of itself
No thought
:iconilonewolf:iLonewolf 9 10
Now We Know
We stare, we stare, we're staring in a hole
We sink, we sink, now we're sinking so low
We fare, we fare, we're not faring real well
We drink, we drink, drank from a bad well
We dare, we dare,  dared the mental blow
We think, we think, thought we'd just go
Now see, we see, we saw we didn't know  
Now we know
We're infinite at the exact same time we're finite
We're small yet so big when we endeavor to unite
Our race races to fill up spaces when we leave them empty
Then we join up to blow up and we relish our own audacity
We crave the kind of power that destroys our own treasures
We brave the horrors of battle then recoil from its pressures
We extend a hand to make a stand against gross injustice
Then pretend we're blind and deaf to refute what truth is
We find, we find, it's now that we're finding
reality isn't as carefree as it once used to be
Though they weep they sleep, we're not sleeping
and see our dreams aren't materializing as readily
We realize, we realized, now we're f
:iconbackasswardsk:backasswardsK 5 0
rising tide
I saw her piercing blue seas one hungover monday morning
and I knew then which ocean I wanted to drown in first.
all of my rats have tangled their tails
around my liver, my lungs
each other.
and I've tried and failed to burn them out
poison them
dissolve them
tear off their tails.
an endless monarchy of rats.
I want to swim in your ocean, be tugged and tickled
by the tides.
watch the sun rise over the water
watch the sun set over the water
drift me as far away as you can
your blue seas.
so far from syringes and smoke
slumping over and in
dirty couches
filthy chairs.
their tails flailing in your waves.
these bottles and blotter paper surround me with their
continual dying.
when can I see you again?
at the end of my life
waiting on my doorstep your shore in a thin film of snow.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 19 3
Sexual Affair
He said the only thing that I can
give to you is a few nights of bliss
and a stale conversation or two.
She said I'm a mother and somebody's wife
you can have my body but the time's
gotta be right.
He said sweetheart how about tonight?
She said can you have me home before
dawn's early light?
It was a sexual affair
one night turned to everywhere
one kiss before I go turned into
one more for the road
it was a sexual affair

Everywhere became their stage
they got it on 'near every place
once a week became every other day
they knew there had to be another way
but it felt so right they didn't mind
she said your everything I never thought I'd find
he said baby, it's gettin' about that time.
It was a sexual affair
one night turned to everywhere
one kiss before I go turned into
one more for the road
it was a sexual affair

Goodbye was as bitter sweet as could be
no tears, just the fear they lost the only one they'd need
their weekend affair tuned into a year long fling
deep in thei
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 9 7
My words are my soul made liquid
And dried on the whites of the eyes
Of my demons.
Every swish of my pen
Is a twist of truth in the lies;
An exposé of a ruined thing.
The syllables are the sounds
My blood would make,
If only my blood could sing.
I pour myself into this,
This thing
That is as much as my song
As my heartbeat,
And it makes me strong.
That's what this means to me,
Why I do this,
Why I write out my soul
For all the world to see -
I need some validity
In this actuality
Of pain and life
And joy and death,
And these words
That pour out of me
With every breath -
I need it to mean something.
I want to be remembered
When I am nothing but ash,
And the clash
Of swords is heard mightier
Than the swish of my pen,
I want to be alive again.
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 170 65
Here We Go Again
Here we go again
With all the stories and the memories
They'll never end
And all the conversations how could I
Ever pretend
With all the feelings and the heart that I can
Never mend
So I look back to all the others as they
Stand in line
I could have fixed it then, if only we could
Turn back time
But as we know it all ends in a
Sorry, broken rhyme
And there's another bigger mountain
Left for you to climb
So why don't I ever see what is
Right in front of me
Why can I never solve the
Ever living mystery
And I will tear myself apart just trying
To succeed
But all the losses I won't let them ever ever
:icongeorgiaafizzy:GeorgiaaFizzy 2 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm Josh and I'm a writer and a "musician". There's really not much more to me. I love to write, lately it's been all about poems and lyrics. For the most part, you can probably find out more about me through my poems and such. I guess I've got a story to tell about everything

Current Residence: E.L., MI
Favourite genre of music: Rock/grunge/indie kinda stuff
So i'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm getting ready for my next tattoo. I'd like to add it on to and/or add it near an existing tattoo I have on my arm. Both are/will be music related. Anyone out there that might be able to lend their artistic talent for a sketch?
  • Listening to: Joy Room
  • Drinking: Adult Beverage

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